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List of Materials needed for an Elegant & Authentic Tanjore Painting

08.04.20 10:43 PM By Admin

In this section, we will discuss about the materials needed to make Tanjore Paintings. This could very well be the welcome kit for beginners

We have already discussed in our previous blogs how Tanjore Paintings are made in general using this Step by step illustration of Tanjore painting. To make it more useful for the users, we are adding this article so that you can try making Tanjore Paintings yourself. We believe that this will serve as a starting point for beginners.

Beginners kit needed for the making of Tanjore Paintings 

        1. Plywood
        2. Canvas
        3. Jaipur Stones - Sizes and shapes as needed
        4. Arabic gum 
        5. Chalk Powder for muck preparation
        6. 22 carat Gold foil
        7. Poster Colors
        8. Brush Set

         We have made a Ready-made Beginners kit for those who have just started making Tanjore Paintings and not aware of which one to buy and how much to buy.

Best Practices

We just saw the Materials needed for making Tanjore Paintings which is enough for knowledge purpose. But if you want to make authentic Tanjore Paintings, you need to also know the best practices need to be followed for the longevity of the painting you intend to make.

Following table provides you just that. We have classified the best practices and the quality of materials that need to be avoided

MaterialsBest PracticesDon’t use
1PlywoodRegular non-waterproof plywood, MDF, Hardboards to be completely avoided
2CanvasCotton clothMake sure that there is no mix of synthetic material
3Jaipur Stones Glass stonesDon’t use plastic stones meant for fabric materials
4Arabic gum Use high quality crystals meant for Tanjore PaintingsPowder form of Arabic gum is not preferable as they might contain impurities
5Chalk PowderUse high grade French chalk powder meant for Tanjore PaintingsIf it is not pure white, try to avoid it as calcium content could be less
6Gold foilBuy 22 Carat Gold Foil   from authentic suppliers who are trust worthyAvoid synthetic foil which would fade after sometime. Some vendors supply synthetic gold foil claiming to be real Gold foil
7Poster ColorsCamlin Poster colour is preferableAvoid Oil colours or fabric colours for the skin of Gods/ Goddesses
8Brush SetBuy art brushes meant for Tanjore paintingsAvoid synthetic bristles that are hard and makes the drawing tough

      By now you are aware why due diligence needs to be followed while purchasing materials for Tanjore Paintings - it is not just an art, it is an asset that you will be passing on to your future generations reflecting our rich culture. Hence longevity is of paramount importance for Tanjore Paintings. Elegance of the painting totally depends on your skills. Our artists on an average have 4000 working hours in Tanjore paintings to reach the current skill level. So, what are you waiting for. Get the materials and get going with your first Tanjore Painting. 

      • If you wish to buy any of the authentic materials, you can place order through the link: Buy Tanjore Painting Materials online
        Once the painting is made, it could be framed with a regular teak wood frame or a Chettinad type frame. Some might want acrylic frame that have golden strip to make it look modern. You can also order frames from us - Buy Wooden Frames
      • And finally, if you want to know the tips, tricks and secrets of making a masterpiece Tanjore Painting, Sign Up using the below button and get periodic updates and videos on our Free online Tanjore Painting learning videos and articles. Even better, you will also get discount coupons which you could use for purchasing the materials


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